USHODAYA (Special School)

The day to day improvement shown by the students is the credit of the dedicated teachers.

In the special school, where we followed a flexible time table and auricular planning designed to provide appropriate training to these special children who are all unique with striking individual differences. The curricular is designed for them basing on their necessity and ability. We give training based on self-help skills, communications, functional, academic and various prevocational skills and to improve attentions and physical abilities.

THEJAS: (Vocational Training Center)

The vocational training center which is meant for students aged 18 years and above was felt as a necessity for imparting training in various avenues. They are taught the skills of Tailoring, Chalk Piece Making, Candle Making, Greeting Cards Preparation, Doormats Making, Phenol Making, Paper Carry Bags making and other home management skills including gardening. *(in present streem who ever is intrested they have given the training Data entry programme training. Six lap tops are there)*They are taught considering their ability and interest so as to enable them to be independent in their job to the possible extent.

Present Activities

To provide the educational and other basic needs of the children by trained experienced Special Teachers.

To create Public Awareness about Mental Retardation in Town and Rural Areas.

To integrate the Disabled with the Normal Children.

To give proper guidance to all kinds of Handicapped.

To strengthen the families and communities to work with the Disabled,in specific with persons with Mental Retardation.

Training in sports is also given. So that the children can be participate in Special Olympics.
To give regular Yoga, Physical Exercises and Cultural Activities.